CT被广泛应用于临床诊断,它的价值毋庸置疑。 伴随着工艺水平和计算机技术的快速发展,多排螺旋CT投入实用的机型已经发展到了320排。CTPET相结合的产物PET/CT在临床上得到普遍运用,特别是在肿瘤的诊断上更是具有很高的应用价值。

CT is widely used in clinical diagnosis, its value is beyond doubt. With the rapid development of technology and computer technology, the practical model of multi row spiral CT has developed to 320 rows. PET / CT, the combination of CT and pet, has been widely used in clinic, especially in the diagnosis of tumor.


New concept CT adopts independent spiral CT scanning, bed body and control module combination, more flexible control, improve the operation efficiency of medical care. Fine and clear vascular reconstruction images can be obtained to achieve three-dimensional real-time display. The scanning mode has also developed from translation / rotation, rotation / rotation, rotation / fixation to the newly developed spiral CT scanning. The computer has large capacity and fast operation, and can reconstruct the image immediately. Due to the short scanning time, it can avoid the artifacts caused by motion, and greatly improve the accuracy of the inspection.